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  We help you connect wood burning stoves & cookers, and solar energy into regular heating and hot water systems
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Solar Thermal Heating

Solar thermal panels, along with a condensing boiler, most often represents the best green investment for all types and sizes of buildings.

They can heat 100% of your hot water in the summer and save at least 60% of the annual fuel cost for heating hot water (that's just the hot water part of your fuel bill – not the total fuel bill). For homes with high levels of insulations, solar thermal panels can also be used to support your heating system.

We now find that half of our customers wish to pursue solar installations and they are amazed to find the the vacuum tubes are able to heat their hot water right up to showering temperatures on a frosty morning in October or on a cloudy afternoon in March for example.

An ideal companion to solar heating is either a wood burning stove or range cooker for low carbon emissions, or else a gas/oil fired boiler which may provide more convenience.

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