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Introduction to Under Floor Heating

Underfloor heating (UFH) transfers heat energy by natural radiation from a very large surface which only has to be slightly warmer than the room itself. Radiant energy is emitted from the floor in every direction. Some strikes the walls, the furnishings and the ceiling where it is partly absorbed and partly reflected.

As these surfaces absorb energy, they warm up as well and become secondary emitters, until heat energy has been reflected or absorbed by every part of the room. There are no hot ceilings and no cold floor draughts, just even, all-round comfortable warmth

UFH is widely used across Europe: In France, it accounts for 40-50% of all heating. In Germany for 50-60%. In Switzerland and Sweden, for even more than this. In the UK, it currently represents 2%, but it is the fastest growing part of the heating market
UFH costs slightly more initially than radiators but UK customers, like their counterparts in Europe, are willing to pay the small premium for much greater comfort and lower running costs which UFH brings, and expect their builders to give them the choice.

Think about it this way: we used to think that buying double-glazing was an extra cost on a building, whereas now it is seen as a disadvantage if it is not fitted. Increasingly, users realise that an investment in UFH will be repaid many times over when they come to sell their property.

UFH can be installed in almost any building and with almost any form of floor construction, be it a new-build or refurbishment. And using modern programmable room thermostats, the room temperature can be set to different demand levels at various times during the day (or week), providing far more flexibility than a radiator-based system.

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